UK Property Investment Deals

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We are helping hundreds of investors grow their portfolio by purchasing off market properties in the UK.
Whether you’re just getting started, or an established landlord, we offer off market properties across England.

Direct Contact

Through our various brands we speak directly with sellers across the country to secure off market and BMV property deals. We also secure HMO deals, rent to rent (R2R), lease option (LO) and serviced accommodation (SA) properties.


We focus on being the best in the game! As an award-winning company, one of the most established names in the industry and having sold over £75,000,000 worth of property to investors across the world, we use our years of experience to bring you fantastic off-market property investment opportunities.

Due Diligence & Filter

Our team speak to sellers, conduct due diligence, provide full address details and comparables and filter out many opportunities, all before a property reaches you.

All deals are under British Property Ombudsman Supervision

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Steve Miller
Steve MillerOwner, retail company
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Lingvo24" is a reliable partner. Their communication skills are outstanding. I liked the cooperation with you, the level of professional translation and compliance with the project deadlines. I will be glad to cooperate again!
John Doe
John DoeOwner, retail company
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Thanks to the company for the high quality work! We had a rather complicated order, but they were able to find a well-prepared and experienced interpreter. The result we got was much better than expected
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