Corporate transactions

Companies need to ‘raise capital’ in order to fund their operations and investments. There are several ways a company can do this:

Initial public offerings (IPOs), which is where a business first lists its securities on a securities exchange or offers them to the public under a disclosure document. There are stringent listing and due diligence requirements here that must be adhered to Equity financing, which involves selling a section of the business to an investor. This can be lucrative, but means handing over some control of the company Equity restructuring Venture capital and private equity Joint ventures, which is a commercial agreement between two or more participants to cooperate in relation to a joint business objective.

Securitisation, which is a financing method that involves selling large pools of cash-generating assets (such as mortgages) to a special purpose vehicle (SPV) who pays for the assets by issuing interest-bearing securities into the capital markets Debt financing, which involves the company borrowing money from a lender and agreeing to pay it back (with interest) at later date. Typical forms of debt finance are a loan, a credit card, or a corporate bond. Corporate bonds are issued by a company to an investor. Interest payments are paid to the investor until the bond "reaches maturity”, when the payments stop, and the original investment is repaid.

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