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“How to kill stress” our Publishing house book

Posted 1/18/2017

“How to kill stress”

Among the many books on the market in the segment of self-development “How to kill stress..” drews the attention of brevity, accuracy and a great sense of humor. Perhaps you will say that there are hundreds of such a kind of books to read and there is nothing new for you to learn. This statement is not entirely true, as for self-knowledge and self-development no borders exist, and every new book you read  is a bonus in the treasury of knowledge. Moreover, the stress is one of the main reasons for the deterioration of both health and quality of life in the modern world.

In this book you will find many constructive ways to cope with stress, especially if you cannot just avoid it (for example, at work). Unique ideas and a clear action plan will help turn your life into a fascinating journey without exhausting moments


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