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Individual or translation agency. What to prefer?

Charging for translation services

Ukraine speaks Russian... BI or not BI – specifics of translators from bilingual countries

No One Cares - How to Survive In This World: In the World of Loneliness And Cruelty You Still Can Find Your Way. Learn How to Survive in Our Modern Routine

Posted 1/18/2017

“No one cares”

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“How to kill stress” our Publishing house book

Posted 1/18/2017

“How to kill stress”

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Translation agencies orfreelance translators?

Posted 8/10/2016

Translation agencies or freelance translators?

  The rapid development of international business has led to a boom of the translation industry. Many companies prefer to perform translation involving other organizations rather than creating its own translation department, thereby giving saving time and money for the business. Around the world, there are thousands of translation providers; they are usually divided into translation agencies and freelance translators. Which should you select?

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