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Who Are We?

We are a team of professionals who offer you the best solution in the field of translation. Our professional translators provide translation services with thorough knowledge of the source language, target language, and subject matter. Through our highly skilled, experienced translators, Lingvo 24 can translate any type or size of project, including: websites, e-mail, letters, magazines, legal documents, medical journals, technical manuals, books, recipes, menus, etc., even a tattoo you’re thinking about! We translate projects from a wide variety of fields: legal, financial, medical, technical, marketing, etc. Taking the greatest care to diligently avoid mistranslation, Lingvo 24 can assure clients that all of the submitted materials will always be translated by native speaker translators only. The translator assigned to the project must have provable experience and specific knowledge in the client's project field. Besides the basics, they will also understand the underlying specialized language skills necessary to achieve a perfect translation.


What do we do?


We guide you through the entire process of translation to the desired result. We meet your requirements, deadlines, and listen to your individual needs. We place your orders with professional, thoroughly tested translators and editors with whom we have been working with for years. We are always available 24/7.


Why us?

We provide consistently high quality in conjunction with incredible accuracy and high performance. That’s how we work.




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