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TransFinance project is an auxiliary tool for translators, copywriters, editors, graphic designers and freelance professionals.
We are cooperating with "Lingvo24" Translation Agency.

Over the last few years "Lingvo 24" translation professionals have discovered that most freelancers on a regular basis face the same problems. The most common problem is the problem with the terms of payment. It is not a secret that payments are usually made 45-60 days after completion of the project and this quite often causes a lot of inconvenience and frustration among the freelancers which is understandable.
Also quite a common problem arises when a freelancer starts working with a new company - a lot of doubts arise as to whether the new customer will pay for the project.

Apart from that quite a large number of freelancers continuously face the problem of non-payment with the companies they have worked for for a while which only had little projects involving small amounts. Having built a trustworthy relationship they then go on and order a big project involving quite a large sum and simply do not pay.

Here we offer 2 programs to solve these problems:

1. Advance Payment

In case a freelancer needs his money urgently and cannot wait 45-60 days - we can help by offering an Advance Payment. The terms of the quick payment are given below:
• Payment within 7 working days. Condition: we withhold 15% of the budget
• Payment within 10 working days. Condition: we withhold 10% of the budget
• Payment within 20 working days. Condition: we withhold 5% of the budget
The amount of payment is to be negotiated with the manager.
* Quick payment can be made if you have cooperated with "Lingvo24" in more than 5 projects.
** The payment systems commission will not be included in the payout.
*** We reserve the right to refuse this service


2. Insurance

From time to time every freelancer faces the problem of non-payment. Noone ever has 100% guarantee that the completed project will be paid for and unfortunately Lingvo24 despite its implemented complex control system which was developed for its customers and clients sometimes also ends up in the same boat.
Still we thrive to overcome this issue by offering an insurance program to those freelancers who have a verified PROZ profile. The cost of such insurance cover is 120 EUR per year (only 10 EUR per month). You can either pay the whole amount in one payment or divide the sum into several instalments. Once you are insured should the case of non-payment arise you will receive a compensation of 240 EUR after sharing the information about arisen situation on PROZ.
*For freelance translators who cooperate with Lingvo24 on a regular basis only.
** The annual contribution can be deducted from your earnings by agreement.


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